Eyewitness allows you to monitor everything about your Laravel application in one place. Simply install the package, and Eyewitness will begin to monitor your scheduler, queues, logs etc.

Eyewitness is currently in Beta during February 2018

Local monitoring

The latest version of Eyewitness is a fully self contained local package. You are able to install and run this package for free on any number of applications. You can see an interactive demo of the Eyewitness local package here:

Remote monitoring

Soon there will be an optional paid remote monitoring feature available. For a small price, our servers will keep an eye on your application in additional to the local package monitor. By enabling remote monitoring, you can have all your applications monitored in one place and configure universal alerts (rather than having to do it individually for each application).

Remote monitoring helps ensure you always get alerts, such as if your server goes offline, or your queue system stops processing jobs. This is a "failsafe" against issues that might prevent the local package from sending an alert.

No sensitive data is ever sent from your local server to the remote monitoring. It is only ever generic information, such as a queue has had a failure (but not the payload). All your sensitive data remains on your local server at all times, which should meet most organisational privacy and security requirements (contact us for more information).

You learn more about remote monitoring and start a free trial anytime by visiting:


Have a question? Found a bug? Want some advice? There are a number of ways to receive support:

Although customers with paid subscription plans will receive priority support, everyone will always be supported for any issue.